HELOC Loans and Reverse Mortgages

HELOC loans and reverse mortgages have become extremely popular tools for homeowners to use to borrow against their home equity.

Used wisely, HELOC loans are among the most powerful and flexible financial tools available to the average homeowner. However, careless use of home equity can quickly lead to serious financial problems.

Reverse mortgages are targeted specifically at homeowners over the age of 62. As with HELOC loans, reverse mortgages can be very useful and beneficial financial tools, if used wisely. For the unwary a reverse mortgage can prove disastrous.

This site provides consumers with the HELOC and Reverse Mortgage loan infomation they need to: 1) get the best possible deal and, 2) use their home equity borrowing as prudently as possible. Take advantage of the many resources on this site to become a truly savvy HELOC loan or reverse mortgage loan consumer!

Anyone considering a home equity line of credit is strongly encouraged to read this free Federal Trade Commission brochure. Anyone considering a reverse mortgage is strongly encouraged to read this free AARP publication.

See How HELOC and Reverse Mortgages Compare

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Size Your Loan with Our HELOC Calculator

Considering a new HELOC loan or a HELOC refinancing? Use our custom HELOC calculator to test different assumptions and size a loan that fits your needs.

HELOC Calculator

Sagetips HELOC Loan & Reverse Mortgage Blog

HELOC or HECM? A Calculator to Help You Decide

Trying to determine whether a HECM reverse mortgage or a HELOC home equity loan is best? Sagetips offers unique HECM or HELOC calculator to walk you through the decision process

HECM or HELOC Calculator

Sagetips HELOC Loan & Reverse Mortgage Blog

Assess Your Suitability for a Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgages are dauntingly complex. Use our custom self-assessment tool to walk yourself through the many factors that will need to be considered.

Reverse Mortgage Self Assessment